About $NFTC

FTencer Token

For more efficient and convenient use by users in the NFT Encer platform ecosystem, NFT Encer has created a utility token called "NFTC".

What is a $NFTC Token?

A token is a digital asset defined by a project or smart contract and built on a specific blockchain. Tokens can be utility tokens or security tokens. Utility tokens are also called consumer or incentive tokens. Utility tokens are sold as part of fund development and can be used for network or project functions. Example: donation function. Security tokens are considered investment contracts and are subject to US SEC regulations.

  1. Used for NFT Item Transactions: Users can use the ENCER token to facilitate NFT item transactions within the NFT Encer platform. It allows users to buy and sell NFT items seamlessly within the platform.

  2. What are the features of the ENCER token? $ENCER is a utility token in the NFT Encer project, which allows you to use a variety of useful features on the NFT Encer platform.

  • Used for NFT Item Trading: Users can use the ENCER token to trade NFT items within the NFT Encer platform. It facilitates the purchase and sale of NFT items on the platform.

  • Airdrop of Rare NFTs: Periodically, NFTs are generated within the NFT Encer ecosystem, and NFTC token holders receive NFT rewards. These rewards include rare NFTs related to K-content idols and entertainment/management companies. Users holding NFTC tokens have a higher chance of receiving rare NFTs based on their holdings.

  • Donations to K-content Creators: Through the NFT Encer platform, K-content fans can donate ENCER tokens directly to K-content creators or idols without intermediaries. This allows fans to easily support and encourage their favorite idols.

  • Crypto Product Payments: ENCER tokens are used within the ENCER MALL payment system. Users can link their tokens through Metamask and purchase products offered on ENCER MALL using ENCER tokens. Additionally, they can convert their tokens to ENCER MALL stable points for further usage.

With these functionalities, the ENCER token plays a central role in the NFT Encer project, providing users with convenient and useful experiences through various services and features.

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