NFT Encer Functions

NFT Encer Platform

Unlimited Creation : Users (K-Content Creators) can easily tokenize their digital content into NFTs. This feature is commonly referred to as "minting". It becomes a strong digital certificate of digital content (intellectual property) ownership. Helps protect digital content from plagiarism/copying risks. K-content creators can convert various contents such as music, video, image, cartoon, and design from NFT Encer to NFT.

Direction of the NFT Encer platform

Music NFT : Protect IP (Intellectual Property Rights) by tokenizing music and sound effects of global or K-pop artists into NFTs. Young artists are also supported. After that, global users can easily purchase these music NFTs (IPs) and monetize them for resale or other commercial uses. Video NFT: Produce and sell various content NFTs such as movies, dramas, and reality

Artist NFT : Tokenize artist's albums, videos, and goods as NFTs. Make it easier for fans to purchase and own your idol's unique digital items.

Webtoon NFT : Collaborate with existing webtoon writers in the NFTencer ecosystem to convert popular scenes into NFTs. We also support the production, exhibition, sale and promotion of webtoon NFTs by new authors. All entertainment/promotion companies can tokenize digital contents they own or create in the future as NFTs on the NFTencer platform, proving their IP (Intellectual Property Rights) globally. And NFTencer supports two types of NFTs including single NFT (ERC721) and multiple NFTs (ERC1155). Multiple NFTs will be integrated in the near future.

Facilitating NFT item trading : There is a huge demand from the K-content fan base to own idol digital content. Recognizing this, our ecosystem has amassed a large K-content fan base, so the NFTencer Marketplace will have a huge buying demand from the fan base to own what they love. In NFTencer, anyone can easily buy and sell K-content NFTs anytime, anywhere.

Basic functions of social networks : NFTencer is not only a tool to help you create NFTs, but also includes social network functions such as "Like", comment, share NFTs, and you can also send messages to idols through NFTencer. These features help attract a larger community of K-content fans.

AI Newsfeed : Based on users' 'Likes', NFTencer's AI algorithms help Newsfeed find content topics that match users' interests, helping them enjoy the service in the best possible way.

KYC System : To create a system that can verify users' identities, NFTencer provides a "verified" label to users who have verified their identities through the KYC process. The KYC process requires users to provide information including a photo of their ID card, a photo of their face, and a photo of their face along with their ID card. This system helps NFT buyers to identify legitimate K-content creator accounts to purchase NFTs. It also helps minimize potential fraud. KYC also helps NFTencer comply with local regulations.

Loyalty System : Creators can receive money through the Loyalty feature whenever their NFTs are resold. Whenever an NFT is resold, the creator is still considered the original creator of that NFT. This feature allows you to increase your reputation and receive money at the same time.

Reporting System : NFTencer users believe they are linked to assets, lists, smart contracts, and collections that contain metadata that violates international or Korean intellectual property laws, promotes suicide or self-harm, and promotes hatred or violence against others. You can report a Cryptoasset (NFT) that you Degrading or poisoning other individuals, depicting minors in provocative situations, or otherwise is illegal in South Korea. These kinds of NFTs are prohibited on NFTencer and will be verified and removed without prior notice. Cryptoasset (NFT) reported by other users as suspected content standard violations will be labeled β€œcensored” and will likely be removed from the platform by NFTencer without prior notice. Therefore, users should consider carefully before purchasing this cryptocurrency (NFT).

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