About K-Contents

Why did NFTencer develop K-content service? Is K-content a potential market? K-content is Korean creative content that is usually published as digital content. This market brings enormous annual revenue to K-content creators. K-content is currently being encouraged by the Korean government to develop and export to the world. K-content is very diverse, including Korea's representative music, movies, webtoons, and novels. Recently, Korean digital content related to games has also gained great popularity.

K-Content Market Overview

According to Statista (one of the world's largest data companies), Korea's creative industry is drawing attention with the Hallyu craze. Hallyu refers to the popularity and success of Korean content around the world, with K-pop and Korean dramas at the forefront. Some of the most notable names include the BTS boy band, the Parasite movie, and the Squid Game TV series. One of the reasons why K-content is in the limelight today is because the government has invested and supported the industry strongly. The total sales of the domestic content industry in 2019 were approximately KRW 126.7 trillion.
In particular, K-Content IP (Intellectual Property) is attracting attention as 'OSMU (One Source Multi Use, utilizing various genres and multimedia)' with high potential to grow into a global high-profit commerce item with NFT technology.
Additionally, the revenue of the digital media market is expected to reach $15.19 billion by 2022.
So we can easily see that this is a very potential market where profits can easily be made.