NFT Encer Platform

NFT Encer is a platform that provides videos, a platform where creators and players can communicate, and is a short-form platform that anyone can enjoy offline. It is a platform where users, creators, and influencers can communicate comfortably with anyone, and it is a platform where you can enjoy communication through various contents. There is no hacking or stealing, so you can mint your own NFT to create, buy, and sell, and aim to bring dynamism to life and various activities of entertainment through unique short-form.
Free To Enjoy
Encer's platform is completely free to use, and has been developed to easily connect with various users through my channel.
Social Network
Encer integrates the WEP technology social network model to communicate with users and creators to evaluate and value NFTs.
Service Security
Have you thought of social media without illegal/copying? All of these are possible with Encer. You can own your own NFT video.
Free To Create
Anyone can easily create NFTs in seconds. Encer will strive for a content market that anyone can easily access.
Profit Model
Users and creators can be rewarded with NFT for their projects, and receive additional compensation benefits through activities such as various reviews and trade names.