Problem & Solution

K-Content Problem and NFTencer Solution

Although this is a very lucrative market, the distribution of K-content still faces some challenges.
Easy to piracy/use: First, because this content is distributed in traditional digital ways, anyone can easily illegally copy or monetize it. For new or individual creators, the situation is even more serious, the IP registration process is very complex, and there is no clear and effective system to globally prove the IP (intellectual property) of digital content. Through our stable and efficient blockchain and NFT technology-based platform, K-content creators can easily protect the copyright of their contents by tokenizing their contents into NFTs.

Huge loss of revenue for IP owners

The contents of both individual creators and entertainment agencies are being illegally copied/theft, so they are not really making much profit. To solve this dilemma, NFTencer helps creators and businesses sell their content as NFTs. The demand for IP ownership for rare or high-quality content is very high, which is driving demand for NFT purchases from global users. Therefore, such contents can be easily sold as NFTs at high prices.

Difficulties in investing in IP for general users:

Typically, only major state-owned broadcasters can contact these conglomerates if they want to contact them to purchase copyrights for such popular content. It is very difficult for small groups or organizations to reach out to purchase such content (many business licenses are required). In order for global customers to easily purchase these K-content copyrights (IP), NFTencer supports the copyrights of various large entertainment companies/ agencies in the ecosystem. Difficulty for new creators to reach larger audiences. It is very difficult for K-content newcomers or lesser-known creators to reach a diverse fan base as well as a large management company to support their career development. Now, K-content creators can easily access NFTencer's ecosystem, which includes various fan bases and entertainment/agency companies, to overcome these disadvantages.

ENCER mall product(TRIP) Inconvenience in purchasing:

ENCER provides a feature in its own Mall to address the inconvenience of purchasing TRIP tokens for ENCER Mall products. When a widely accepted fiat currency is not available, users face the hassle of purchasing tokens externally to make payments. This complicates the process of buying content, involving multiple steps of circumvention.
However, by enabling token purchases within ENCER Mall, this issue is overcome. Users can directly buy tokens within ENCER Mall, making it easier to purchase content. This enhancement boosts the momentum of the ENCER marketplace, allowing more users to smoothly purchase and access content through ENCER Mall.
Last modified 5mo ago