Legal Disclaimer

Be Alert for Scams

As NFT Marketplace are scarce and highly sought-after, this makes them a potential target for scams. Please ensure that you apply adequate caution to protect yourself. All official information regarding the NFT Marketplace Platform on NFT Encer Platform will be shared via our official Telegram. Admins will never initiate a DM first. They will never ask for personal information, funds, passwords, or private keys for any reason. Pools are only open during the times stated in this post.

Countries excluded from the NFT Marketplace Platforms participation

The sale is only open to non-U.S. persons and entities. In addition, the sale is not and will not be offered or sold, directly or indirectly, to any person who is a resident, organized, or located in any country or territory subject to OFAC comprehensive sanctions programs from time to time, including Cuba, Crimea region of Ukraine, Democratic people of Korea, Iran, Syria, any person found on the OFAC specially designated nationals, blocked person list, any other consolidated prohibited person list as determined by any applicable governmental authority.


Using proven and audited technology and best practices is the way to maximize security. The basic infrastructure on NFT Encer is built by integrating already existing solutions and practices that have been proven over time.
The encrypted seed phrase, along with other sensitive data like addresses, keys, and account data, is securely saved in the browser’s local storage. No online app, website, or provider can access any of that secured data - the user remains with total control over their wallet. We leverage audited and proven open source solutions to minimize the possibility of error.