NFT Encer Adventages

Strengths of NFT Encer

+Stable and quality-proven platform (secure and transparent): NFT Encer is a project built by professional blockchain developers. After many rigorous tests, the platform has reached a stable standard for the most efficient use. On NFTencer, all transactions are secure for your digital assets and personal information.

+Multi-Chain Support : NFTencer supports many blockchains including BSC, Solana, Klaytn and more. Therefore, users around the world can easily choose and use the blockchain they think is best for them.

+Low Fees and Fast Transactions : Compared to traditional remittance methods such as using international banks, exchanging and withdrawing digital assets using the blockchain integrated by NFTencer is very fast, but requires only a small fee. Normally Visa charges 3% of the total transaction, but blockchains such as Solana only require around $0.0025 in transaction fees. These fees are very low!

+Friendly UI for everyone : By researching and developing the UI of the NFTencer platform, even those new to the digital asset market can use NFTencer comfortably and easily.

+First blockchain-based project for K-Contents

+Simple and Efficient Tools : Since NFTencer was created for K-content creators, it also develops convenient tools for users to easily edit content. For example, the ability to capture video from your screen or the ability to add music/visual effects to your content. These features will be integrated in the near future.

+Extensive fan base : NFTencer has gathered a large fan base related to K-content from all over the world, including K-music, K-movie, K-tiktok, K-comic, and K-gaming.

+Easy access to various entertainment/management companies : K-content creators have the opportunity to easily access entertainment/agency companies by participating in the NFTencer ecosystem. K-content fans can also enjoy endless fan meeting events hosted by these companies worldwide.

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