Vision & Mission

NFT Encer Vision

NFT Encer is the first NFT Marketplace built for K-content. Our vision is to enable K-content creators to protect their content and directly monetize it with NFT technology. Not only that, NFT Encer will become an ecosystem that connects K-content fans with creators/idols. It helps them interact with each other like a social network platform. Therefore, it is easy to organize idol's NFT lottery and fan meeting activities based on voting in the $NFTC token mechanism. Finally, increase the growth revenue of the K-content industry globally. NFT Encer will leap forward as the world's largest K-content provider and leading platform in the K-content industry through collaboration with large global partners.

NFT Encer Strategy

NFT Encer cannot disclose all of our growth strategies in this white paper. Nonetheless, we will provide some key strategies that are important for growth. NFT Encer plans to expand membership first in Asia, then to North American and European markets. NFT Encer will engage in inbound marketing and outbound marketing as well as connect and cooperate with global networks and partners through available networks. For inbound marketing, you will spread content such as articles, reports, podcasts, videos, events and talks to increase awareness of your project and accelerate inbound traffic to your project. For outbound marketing, we plan to promote with direct outreach, targeted advertising and networking. We will continue to utilize and develop partnerships with global K-content fan-based communities and entertainment/agency companies. In order to improve our ecosystem, we will hold many K-content competitions to gather a lot of K-content talent and help them grow into idols. It makes NFT Encer's diverse MBN (Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT) ecosystem more attractive. And through the utility of NFT Encer and the demand of users to own rare IP, it increases the competitiveness of the ecosystem. Regarding our fundraising strategy, we will connect with traditional and crypto investment funds globally and increase brand awareness through the reputation of these funds. It is considered a strategy that can yield efficient results. Lastly, we plan to attract potential users by holding fan meetings related to global K-contents and sponsoring K-idol concerts. Idol NFT giveaways are also one of our precious initiatives. With this clear and effective strategy, NFT Encer is confident of becoming the world's leading K-content provider.